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SCORRE™ Training Series DVD & Workbook Set

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SCORRE™ Training Series DVD & Workbook Set

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The SCORRE™ System Transforms "Average Speakers" into Masters of Communication!

Extraordinary Speeches Launch People into Action. Finally, Here Is THE Formula for Being an Extraordinary Speaker…. 

With SCORRE™, you’ll learn how to connect with any audience, speak with a crystal clear objective and move people to action. Whether you are a sales professional, educator, pastor or CEO, great communication is essential to your success. SCORRE™ will change the way you communicate and more importantly, change the way your audience responds to your presentation.

After over 30 years of seeing the lives of thousands of communicators transformed through SCORRE™, we guarantee you will:  

  • See immediate results
  • Banish the fear of speaking and be free to communicate with passion and confidence
  • Never again wonder if the audience got it. After SCORRE™ they will get it
  • Hold the attention of any audience with unforgettable presentations
  • Never again be caught off guard by a last minute speech assignment - whether it’s a five minute elevator speech or a keynote address
  • Be a focused, effective and confident communicator and be identified as an exceptional communicator
  • Reduce your preparation time with a fool proof, time tested preparation method.

Begin now and learn the SCORRE™ formula for preparing and delivering powerful, clear, inspiring talks that will move people to action!

Contained in a handsome slip box, the SCORRE™ DVD & Workbook Set Includes

- Six DVDs detailing the proven SCORRE™ System

  • Disc 1: Introduction & Overview

For Over 30 years, SCORRE has been transforming communicators lives. But what is SCORRE based on and, is this need for a “crystal clear objective” really necessary? In this session you’ll learn the overview of the entire SCORRE process and how objectives drive our daily lives. 

  • Disc 2: Subject & Central Theme

SCORRE is an acronym. In this session you will learn the first two sections - subject and central theme. You will learn the guidelines for choosing a subject and then how to refine your presentation into a manageable amount of information your audience will be able to grasp. 

  • Disc 3: Objective & Rationale

The objective is the heart and the purpose of your presentation. Your objective can only go one of two ways - either you teach someone HOW to do something or you teach them WHY they should do something. In this session, you will learn how to prepare both types of speeches as well as how to structure the core sentence of your presentation, and the rationale or, logical framework on which you build your case.

  • Disc 4: Resources & Evaluation

Adding resources, also known as illustrations, to your presentation will add color and clarity to the objective you are trying to communicate. Through the use of stories, illustrations, media and more, you will enable your audience to grasp the principles of your message. Finally, you will discover the evaluation process and learn why it is essential in making sure your speech will meet the needs of your audience.  

  • Disc 5: The Total Picture

You now know there are only two types of objectives, but why can’t you choose both? You can’t, but you can, if you know exactly how. You will also learn the other important parts of a presentation and how these will allow you to connect with your audience then move them to action at the conclusion of your presentation. 

  • Disc 6: Delivery - Body Talk

Everything you do when communicating either adds or detracts from your message. Learn how to identify and eliminate habits that weaken your communication. Then take hold of the good habits that will aid in effective communication and make your presentation memorable.

- Full corresponding workbook in handy lie-flat binding

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